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For those who don't know me, I've been playing, writing, and performing music for over 50 years. Some may say I'm over the hill and I'm inclined to agree. Going over the hump was the toughest part, and gliding down without all the pressures that would cause one to create with all the self-glorification that comes with trying to "make it" and promote oneself. I know it's necessary to some degree, but I just love the music and hope to use it for God's glory! It would be an absolute honor to co-labor together with you in this endeavor of promoting the Gospel of Christ through music and books.
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Bill Mullis
Brunswick, Georgia
Bill Mullis is a seasoned Songwriter, Recording Artist, 2005 and 2006 Nominee for the Christian Country Music Associations "Music Evangelist of the Year" and will be presented an award at the 2006 award show at the Roy Acuff Theater in Nashville, TN. Winning the award in 2007. An ordained Minister of the Gospel. Bill is something that goes beyond the norm. To the heart and soul.

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